Monday, 26 September 2016

How to stand out in your own lane
1. Self Reflection 
Its better to identify your flaws,strengths and unique idiosyncrasies.

2. Define your journey
Sometimes our journey can be defined by parents, friends,maybe the school which you went to and society where you are. But these should not define us but rather remind ourselves where we want to go and avoid distraction of opinion and keep our eyes on our lane.

3.Standing out and to whom?

A good question worth asking.whose opinion really matters to you?Whom do you really want to see the best of you? Whom do you actually have to impress? If we can answer these questions then I am sure we will stop pleasing the unpleasant people and work towards finding our own lanes and standing

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  1. Those are pretty good reflection ideas, I especially love the last one. Standing out to whom? food for thought.